• We help you connect to the hearts and minds

    of an emerging ecosystem.

    Whether you are preparing for your ICO or working to build out your community, partner, and customer network, we can help.



    In this space, brand new companies often have to quickly build knowledge and excitement about their project across wide-ranging audiences. This can be an overwhelming prospect. We develop customer strategies that bring order to the ambiguity and matches your approach to the readiness of each of your audiences. Typically, we start by segmenting and prioritizing your audiences, understanding their mindset, and then build the strategy from this research. Then, we develop a 30/60/90-day path forward.


    Consider starting with: a workshop to hone your customer segmentation and kickstart a more refined customer profile.



    We help you connect to your audience, no matter who they are. Perhaps it's a potential investor, partner network, or an end customer. We conduct research to identify their mindset, desires, and beliefs, and then help you connect your vision to this profile. We can develop positioning, create messaging maps to guide communications, help you articulate your company narrative, and help to hone the way you speak to your point of view for content marketing or thought leadership communications.


    Consider starting with: a whitepaper assessment or quick-turn study to identify points of confusion and misunderstanding in your current messaging.



    Especially in a noisy, chaotic, and uncertain market, how you look—your brand identity—is a key driver of how you are perceived. It needs to reflect not only your unique perspective on the market, but the company you are working to become. We connect you to design resources and ensure your brand is aligned with your overall strategy.




    Consider starting with: a diagnostic to identify where your brand identity conflicts with your vision, messaging, and market.



    How do you stand out as the signal among the noise? We develop communications that bring together your messaging, positioning, company narrative, brand work, and your unique perspective and point of view on the market in a way that connects with what your various audiences are ready to hear. From websites to decks, explanation videos, blogging, and sales tools, we can deliver the support you need to communicate why you are here and what you do.


    Consider starting with: a website or blog assessment to identify top opportunities for improvement.

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