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    Investors, customers, and even employees can be easily confused by a corporation's blockchain experiments and initiatives. What they hear from media and analysts can compound the confusion.


    We help corporations to clearly communicate how blockchain initiatives connect to vision and strategy. We help you refine messaging, develop easily understood "blockchain narratives", and integrate this work into your internal and external communications. This work ranges from ongoing communications that reach across an entire organization, to 1:1 consultation to help a CEO or Chief Innovation Officer articulate an initiative more effectively to a specific stakeholder.


    Consider starting with: a diagnostic to identify points of confusion and misunderstanding in your current messaging.


    In these early days, few have a solid understanding of what blockchains are or what they make possible. This can be, at best, a barrier to building the cross-disciplinary teams necessary to fully pressure test a proof of concept. At worst, it can create confusion or even fear among employees and potential partners or customers.


    We work to raise blockchain literacy in your organization. We can give training, run interactive half-day and one-day workshops, or integrate ongoing education into your internal communication strategy.





    Consider starting with: a literacy map to match learning strategy to the unique needs of your vision and your organization.


    With the staggering pace of change in this space, it's exceedingly difficult to assess both the risk of being disrupted and the opportunity in being the disruptor.


    We conduct qualitative and quantitative customer, competitive, and market research to help you tap into shifts as they happen. We also help you prepare for the new demands of the blockchain era—including getting closer to what customers actually value, and understanding how customers perceive the return on their contribution to your network or service.


    Consider starting with: a baseline stakeholder study to clarify how your ecosystem thinks about risk and opportunity in blockchain today.


    Blockchain experimentation is putting new pressures on the organization. Never has it been more urgent to effectively connect "nodes" of learning across the organization, to find skills and expertise hidden within, and to connect efficiently to thought leaders, credible insight, and possible partners from outside a company's walls.


    We help you optimize organizational learning, and identify ways to increase efficiency in blockchain initiatives across the organization.




    Consider starting with: a diagnostic to identify the highest return opportunities for improvement.

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